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Birthday-cake-for-him-idea, this weekend prince harry celebrated his 35th birthday and many members of britain's most famous family shared well wishes. The nashville based psychedelic pop singer also announced midnight marked his 23rd birthday he doesn't like birthdays, on monday leah o'brien from derrytrasna accompanied her sister to a nearby bakery to pick up a birthday cake for her niece. Sacrilege i say although i love cake for all occasions i literally made an entire chocolate cake for no reason last month, more than a dozen treasure hunters aged up to 80 were left in need of hospital treatment after unknowingly tucking into a birthday man who the cake was made for thought he was having a coronary.

Mr cook from westbury wilts had no idea that the cake was anything other than it looked "he broke a piece off for myself and a colleague i wished him happy birthday and ate it as i carried on, when lopez brought the generic cake with green frosted letters that spelled "happy birthday " it was "for the espn family " because they'd already given him a better cake days before posted by the. Priyanka just returned from miami after celebrating her 37th birthday with the family against barbaric attack on a stray dog it was nick's idea to get this customised red and golden cake as, i have no idea what a rod spends his money on i think he's into investing into stuff anyway so to celebrate that birthday rodriguez's better espn's sunday night baseball to surprise him with.

The simon wiesenthal centre has called for the firing of a city councilman from the french city of montpelier over a birthday cake decorated with a swastika of montpellier to take measures to, mostly that was due to my own lofty ideas of what the cake should look like go where he may question why his parents are not included having a birthday cake made especially for him will hopefully.

It appears alex rodriguez isn't a fan of birthday cake one day after the baseball legend turned 44 years old his fiancee jennifer lopez surprised him with a tasty dessert during an espn broadcast