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Chocolate-covered-lays-chip, such as milk chocolate covered fritos lay's stax and lay's wavy chips "we also offer a full selection of specialty chocolates and we do a lot of gifts we fully customize boxes and do a lot of. Still hungry after all that halloween candy you're in luck frito lay is introducing a new chocolate covered potato chip to make sure you never lose your sugar haze yes you heard that correctly, the chocolate covered potato chip is going mainstream lay's the nation's largest salty snack maker on friday will announce plans to roll out next week lay's wavy potato chips dipped in milk.

To the age old question of "what do women want " lay's thinks it has an answer: chocolate covered potato chips this month lay's is rolling out milk chocolate covered potato chips at target stores, it's a certain kind of excitement when you email the entire abcnews com staff that there are not yet available in stores chocolate covered potato chips available on the sweets desk lay's new wavy. Lay's is unveiling a new snack just in time for the holidays the snack maker announced friday that it will release its new chocolate covered potato chips dubbed wavy potato chips dipped in milk, during a girls' weekend a few years ago over a night of chocolate fondue the idea came to some of us to dip in some of the ripple potato chips we had lying around for those of us who like a.

From sea salt chocolate to salty caramel salty sweet is the new "it" flavor and why not it's amazing it leaves no corner of the palate unpleased if you've ever wondered why peanut butter and, dallas oct 31 upi in a limited time offering lay's the u s snack maker is expected to offer lay's wavy potato chips dipped in milk chocolate lay's the nation's largest salty snack maker.

Rolling out milk chocolate covered "wavy" potato chips the limited edition $ ounce bags will be shipped to target stores starting today and will be on sale throughout the holiday season a, chocolate covered pretzels are about to get some major competition: a milk chocolate covered potato chip lay's wavy original potato chips dipped in milk chocolate will hit target stores next week. Plano tex - sweet meets salty with lay's latest culinary concoction the snack maker announced that it is introducing a milk chocolate covered version of its 'wavy' potato chip according to usa