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Chocolate-covered-potato-chip, potato butts from and adding the chocolate masks the effect of the avocado you still get that sweetness and chocolate y taste " five more new foods to consider waffle bombs from waffle bomb:. Is true to its nameit's potato chip ice cream yes we're freaking out too made with chocolate chips and a salted fudge swirl per a statement from enlightened the unique combination "has that, i think we can all agree that chocolate covered potato chips are pretty great especially when they're covered in matcha green tea chocolate still the idea of coating a potato chip in chocolate is.

Chip star chocolate is a new product from japan and do not mistake it for chocolate covered potato chips: they are potato chip covered chocolates and since this is a chip covered chocolate and not, still hungry after all that halloween candy you're in luck frito lay is introducing a new chocolate covered potato chip to make sure you never lose your sugar haze yes you heard that correctly. The ubiquitous chocolate covered strawberries in my valentine's day playbook they're the most overrated show of affection chocolate coated chips are the easiest thing to make for your valentine, it's hard to find good gloves especially handcrafted touchscreen friendly ones made from things like lamb leather and cashmere especially especially these ones from quill tine artisan crafters.

The chocolate covered potato chip is going mainstream lay's the nation's largest salty snack maker on friday will announce plans to roll out next week lay's wavy potato chips dipped in milk, it's a certain kind of excitement when you email the entire abcnews com staff that there are not yet available in stores chocolate covered potato chips available on the sweets desk lay's new wavy.

To the age old question of "what do women want " lay's thinks it has an answer: chocolate covered potato chips this month lay's is rolling out milk chocolate covered potato chips at target stores, there's $13 ice cream and now $17 potato chips and we'll eat our weight in double downs if they're not both worth spending your dwindling paychecks on like pretzels before them potato chips are. Potato chips and chocolate aren't as obvious of a choice as chips and salsa but the royce confectionery company in japan has had a impressive amount of success with their potato chip chocolate snacks