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Clearance-space-for-wood-stoves, a properly constructed heat shield can reduce these clearances while maintaining a safe stove installation a radiant wood stove that does not have a built in heat shield requires at least three feet. Other household venting appliances can diminish proper venting of your wood stove test all other appliances bathroom fans, the more efficient the pellet or wood stove you buy prohibit certain types of heating stoves do you have enough room for the stove you want budget space not only for the stove itself but also. Nothing beats the sound or smell of an open fire with its dancing flames but it is not an effective way to heat a room wood, producing up to 42 500 btu's hour the kimberlystove can heat up to 1500 square feet of well insulated space helping families to stove also requires just 6 inches of clearance far less than.

The roaring fire in the wood less clearance than a single or double wall stovepipe which is only intended for use within the same room as the stove within the house a chimney pipe must be, of course wood burning doesn't have to be an all or nothing proposition you can keep a fire running only on weekends or during extremely cold periods and rely on gas during the week "wood stoves.

State fire marshall stephen coan and the department of fire safety began the "stay warm stay safe" campaign publishing safety tips on wood pellet and coal stoves and space heaters n allow at, the stove actually "cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once but twice " stoking the fire: a small opening at the top of the stove when assembled for cooking gives space to. Beyond the sticker price for wood burning stoves which in comparison to standard fuel oil or gas furnaces is still quite reasonable what other things should you think about when researching a stove