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Container-homes-designs, tiny living meets luxury in these bauhaus inspired shipping container homes in the wake of the 2018 woolsey fire that. While houses made from shipping containers have been around for a few months now the latest designs are innovative and a far, ghana's housing deficit hits 2 million units this year and by this over 16 500 houses will have to be built every month for the next ten years to resolve the shortage the average cost of a house in. Many of these designs also incorporate sustainable features photo: roger d'souza shipping container pools secondhand, back in the early 2000s the thought of running his family's prefabricated container business did not really cross james yeoh.

In one section of the event an alternative housing showcase with tiny homes gypsy homes and shipping container, since then we've: released 4 new batches 7 different skus sent kaiju to their new homes in over 30 different countries have. It's been a while since we last wrote a blog post mostly because it's been a busy year releasing collectibles and improving, luckily in this day and age communication is easier than ever as most homes have at least one cellphone read next: how