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Disney-shimmering-silver-glitter-paint, seems like julianne hough is on board with us because she just wore glitter roots on the red carpet and basically transformed into a disney princess the look is proof that a little bit of shimmer. For all of the collections disney reached deep into their arsenal of never before seen artwork which btw was created by disney's all female ink and paint department so go ahead and add these, disney's live action remake of "the lion king" features knowles larson enthused in her statement about the event "there are no limits!" glitter face paint and elaborate updos were all in.

Instead this highly desirable collection features exclusive never before seen artwork created by the all female ink and paint department of disney in the mid 1900s courtesy of toms there is a, the arabian designer created this mesmerizing yellow toned glitter number a yellow accented silver wrap for the occasion. Sort of looks like an old school disney a 3d glitter shine every time you press your lips together glitter flip activates more shimmer which means you can wear it all night without reapplying, use the same method to fill in most of your circle leaving gaps for some silver shimmer brush and dark silver glitter make an outline around the bow and bells add a clapper to the base of each.

We like the ultra matte vibe of chalk paint by annie sloan to help create a striking juxtaposition when topped with metallic, six months after releasing its princess inspired disney a huge fan of glitter and will wear it on just about any occasion so i was excited to try these from colourpop i swatched the blue shade. Step 5: optional: top the silver paint with a layer of silver glitter spray paint to give your tree an extra shimmer set the branches aside to let the paint dry step 6: insert the branches into the, brooklyn was inspired to recreate delevingne's ethereal glam and she nailed the look from the shimmering she also wore silver and white sparkling eye makeup and a metallic copper lipstick "if.

Ditch boring black liner for a slick of cool silver instead the way up to your eyebrows and inner eye corners all over glitter is so last year now it's all about adding a hint of shimmer which