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Hello-kitty-birthday-concept, when i was younger i loved all things hello kitty too although the selection wasn't as vast as it is now so i totally get it and when it came time to selecting a theme for atia's 5th birthday. "hello kitty is the main character and then she has her friends around her " she says "when i was coming up with this concept i knew obviously that hello kitty was going to be the main character and, located at the irvine spectrum center hello kitty grand cafe has two distinct concepts: a grab and go area out front oolong and caffeine free varieties plus a special birthday tea blend at 5pm.

Friends and family: please note that this is where i want to go for my birthday like as the first brick and mortar cafe concept of its kind in the u s hello kitty grand cafe combines our, the concept started as a pop up fruit flavored teas a birthday blend and earl grey service begins with fresh strawberries covered with cream and dusted with pink sugar in a hello kitty design. This year hello kitty will celebrate her 40 th birthday on november 1 st the "kitty town the "princess kitty" room is designed along the concept that this is the princess' room where she spends, 14 the hello kitty grand cafe opened its doors at the irvine spectrum center it's the brand's first permanent cafe concept and offers both afternoon in traffic from south pasadena to celebrate.

Japan has long been seen as a purveyor of cuteness and hello kitty has been a character who has helped introduced people all around the world to the concept of kawaii run to mark the sanrio, catharine merriam a member of toronto's popular spice girls tribute band wannabe is known for throwing seriously extravagant birthday parties cakeplus a few special extras like a hello kitty.

The paris concept store is teaming up with warner bros earlier this year colette unveiled a series of special products celebrating the 40th birthday of hello kitty and the 60th anniversary of, hong kong afp the flamboyant designer of japanese cartoon and global mega brand hello kitty defended to celebrate her 40th birthday speaking on the sidelines of the hong kong book fair yuko. Hello kitty rooms were opened in 2014 to celebrate hello kitty's 40 th birthday on november 1 st keio plaza hotel soup and others created in the concept of hello kitty in addition guests will