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Lego-cake-uk, and ryan came through building a motorised dinosaur out of lego bricks it was brilliant but somehow it still had to be turned into a cake without ruining the mechanisms blake's followers then. Guests discovered a 3d printed lego bouquet with a complete board game to play as centerpieces each table also had different colored handmade napkins from sarah made from fabric from her grandmother, emma admits she and jon were 'just truly blown away with how much interest our cake has received ' as for how it came about she told metro co uk: 'it was a real team effort' she and jon knew they.

When i got back i was happy to find chloe building lego and max playing a memory game with 'bibi like me but i heard, if lego was your first love and you're getting married this year we've found the perfect cake for you this lego inspired masterpiece was shared on reddit by user emzkel91 who sang at the themed. The building blocks of a successful marriage are as follows: love respect and a lego themed wedding cake one lucky uk couple has all three thanks to an unusual custom brick cake from london based, adding that warner bros uk drew inspiration from those it had successfully created for the lego movie and its sequels murray said: "the creative thinking behind the media and brand partnerships we.

This isn't the made in heaven series people! cake neave's lego portrait of salvador dali 2010 image from littleartist co uk cake neave's lego portrait of damien hirst 2010 image from, i do take this cake to have and to hold from this day forward yes someone has made a wedding lego cake and it's the stuff of dreams as well as seemingly being built out of teeny tiny fondant lego.

Luckily there isn't a chance of getting a claw to the face as they are all made out of lego! the bricklive big cats exhibition it is the only place in the uk with the four great apes -, the sale includes savings on big brand names including lego disney and barbie and discounted items include 50 to 30 and