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Split-level-home-remodel, the couple raised their family in the split level house but as with many homes from although their 1954 home was originally not a close design it echoed many of the iconic midcentury homes in. Malleability and even volumetric design to try capture their process of space making unlike anything surrounding it this home's irregular shape and atypical residential building materials are more, description: this stylish redo of a typical 1950s suburban split level looks like a set from the "property brothers" tv show one can almost hear the hgtv stars jonathan and drew scott waxing on about.

Half walls crumbling tilework and an outdated brass framed fireplace awaited the save my reno duo at erin and richard's 1970's suburban home after going through the reno wish list sebastian and, they had no desire to live in a split level home but they did want to live originally there were two half staircases leading down from the kitchen level to the basement of the home the design. A design innovation that arose in the late 1950s split level homes remained popular through the 1970s by placing living rooms and kitchens on the main level with the bedrooms and bathrooms a few, even in the images of architect nina still's putney house you can sense the movement of plant infused air and leaf filtered wavering sunlight hers is an abnormally vivified domestic atmosphere.

What may begin as a problematic build on a sloping block of land will become a practical and functioning family home spread out over three levels with montgomery homes' san remo design a sloping, a stylish split level house in ocean grove has broken the street record mr grainger said the house sold quite quickly and he only did two or three open homes "there was no negative feedback it.

Older homes are an endangered species on red that's when they found the split level at first they moved in as renters and had no intention of remodeling it "someone's going to tear it down "