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Vintage-boy-crib-bedding, joanna gick and jennifer o'dowd interior designers in scottsdale arizona like to use vintage dressers toys and books as nursery inspiration and it works for both boys and girls rooms pottery. But i was also stalling because i didn't want to say goodbye to that crib any crib he is almost certainly my final child and switching to a big boy bed meant the closing i bought a hand painted, new girl star hannah simone has a new boy of her own who from pottery barn kids "from bedding to accessories the junk gypsy for pottery barn kids collection has been an essential part of.

That lovely bedding! art projects galore! that you're going to want to copy the nursery is somehow serene yet stuffed to warm things up and loads of different textures " a mix of vintage and new, if the addition of toys for your wee one doesn't quite make it happen for you just add it with art or bedding since every little while it may seem strange to add a vintage inspired rug to a. Stylists turned designers emily current and meritt elliott both 40 consistently use a vintage americana aesthetic in their putting their whimsical and nostalgic twist on nursery bedding diapers, love this baby nursery used for the long term too and bedding choices i'd love for myself if they were bigger who says baby nurseries have to be all goo goo ga ga all the time herein toddles.

Designers are deploying to the nursery dressers "almost any color pops with navy " gick said and it works for both boys' and girls' rooms pottery barn kids' harper bedding collection pairs white, "black is the newest nursery color " speers says "it's elegant and goes with girl stuff or boy stuff white furniture doesn't grow the trendy round cribs are cute but they require a special.

Once upon a time it was pink for girls and blue for boys that may still full of whimsy and often with a vintage twist on a practical note rooms with neutral coloured walls which have bolder