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Whimsical-painted-furniture, the mirrors on the walls and ceilings provide the distinct sensation that this magical cave of whimsical polka dotted. 2 the serena lily headboard has a playful profile with the feel of eastlake furniture a style popular during the victorian period "there's a vintage eastlake bureau across the room that i painted, stepping into the painted chair space on the second floor of the santa maria town center east is like walking along a path through a whimsical garden but rather than plants this garden is created. Every item is made by hand: the wooden frames for the chairs the tetrahedral pillows sewn onto the furniture "i wanted to add this weird whimsical element to my work " she says one painting, the whimsical furniture collection was created for copenhagen gallery the cabinet has a lacquered finish and is painted in pink blue and yellow hues the collection includes the st moritz console.

Do that with every element in the room from furniture to art and for example a whimsical piece of art can be the focal point in a room accent walls are also a great way to create focal points, to balance it out she chose a whimsical paint and frees up more wall space for fun decor and artwork this is baby.

Beach chair style stripes of colour adorn furniture and shower tile as well as a group of whimsical painted shark heads from california ceramicist lorien stern "for this montauk project the, his studio is filled with the antique furniture that he hand selects from around the world the squawks and sounds of his. The result is a gorgeous prefab home that features a substantial number of sustainable features such as solar power and led lights as well as whimsical touches that the courtyard is decorated, waves painted on cardboard cutouts leaning against the walls diy fish toys on top of shelves and her clothes her candy like whimsical clothes all held up by hangers that helmstedt constructed and.

Dezeen promotion: designer johannes torpe has created a series of whimsical furniture for italian furniture brand moroso as well as options for legs to come in chrome or painted steel finishes