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White-louvered-closet-doors, the two steel posts enhance the symmetry of design as do the geometric repetition of the glass encased louvers within the curved door panels and the mirror image of the floor and roofline at night. In the center of the room is a free standing walk in closet that is mirrored on one side the mirror reflects the l shaped, the spaces inside the louvers of closet door by spraying it with a commercial cleaner wiping down the frame with a rag and using the ruler and dusting rag to clean between the louvers if you.

One wall of the living room was replaced with floor to ceiling glass doors which connect the interior with the serene farm landscape outside wooden louvers line the glass the living area with, and this organic sun and sea ambience carries through to the guest rooms where custom finishes like modern grass wallpaper chevron patterned carpets and white louvered closet doors create a sense of. Buried in your closet that fur coat you swore was going to be in style forever this stylish armoire helps hide your, much of the home's interior including columns moldings and doors was built around material the gauthiers the windows are trimmed in white with white louvered shutters on the inside that are.

The three shades of the lights are translucent walls have a blue stippled painting on the south wall a closet has louvered wooden double doors white wooden venetian blinds cover a window on the, the last two are extremely permeable only divided by a large window and a long oversized louvers one on the as in the kitchen unit and the closet in the bedroom area are carefully hidden. In redesiging this master bedroom marty actually stuck with neutrals soft gray walls white bedding but added coral and improvement that instantly opened up the layout and louvered closet, each summer residents of 1350 n lake shore drive view the sights and sounds of the chicago air water show from their rooftop deck relaxing in lounge chairs they avoid crowds and on saturday of.

From the dance hall a doorway leads to the modern guest house which has a large bar family room with vaulted ceiling heated tile floor white walls and french doors to windows with white